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Fierljeppen is a traditional Dutch sport and one of the most complex athletic sports known to date.

A jump consists of an intense sprint to the pole (polsstok), jumping and grabbing it, then climbing to the top while trying to control the pole's forward and lateral movements and finishing with a graceful landing on a sand bed.

Because of all the diverse skills required in fierljeppen, fierljeppers are considered to be very complete athletes with superbly developed strength and coordination.

A good example of a fierljepjump you will see in the next video: Video of a fierljepjump

Scheme of afierljepjump
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Characteristics of fierljeppen are the cozy atmosphere at the matches and the nature surrounded region where the accomodations are located.

Would you like to jump once? Then, you can inscribe yourself for a fierljep demonstration by professional jumpers, where you can even give it a try at the end. We also welcome groups of maximum 30 people. Read more.

You can also visit one of the many fierljeppen matches during the summer season. For dates and times, please take a look at the calendar.

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